Niagara Falls Wastewater Discharge Prompts Fines, Investigation

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Niagara Falls Wastewater Discharge Prompts Fines, Investigation

When one thinks of Niagara Falls, one thinks of pristine waters and natural beauty. In recent weeks, this hasn’t been the case at all thanks to at least one wastewater discharge.

Wastewater Discharge Costs at Least $37,500 per Day

Following a sewage overflow and a resulting discharge into the Niagara River, The Niagara Falls Water Board is facing a $37,500 fine per day, per violation from The New York State Department of Environmental Compliance (DEC). The DEC is also ordering the Niagara Falls Water Board to submit an evaluation of its current sewage system and wastewater treatment plant.

This is the second such discharge that caught the attention of concerned residents and the DEC in recent weeks. On July 29th, a black substance was seen near the popular tourist destination “the Maid of the Mist.” The Niagara Falls Water Board said that the July wastewater discharge, when a tank of pollutants was discharged into the Niagara River by water treatment plant operators, was due to an overflow event that was properly reported to state officials.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos said in a statement, “We are directing the Niagara Falls Water Board to provide all of the engineering information and data necessary to determine how and why this violation occurred. DEC will now investigate into all appropriate measures to prevent further violations from happening.”

Though the potential for fines is quite high, the true cost of the wastewater discharge won’t be known until the DEC completes its investigation.

Control Wastewater Discharge, Stay Compliant with T-Environmental

If your company or municipality needs a complete wastewater treatment solution that mitigates the risk of violations and fines, T-Environmental is the answer. We provide wastewater treatment using electrocoagulation or “EC technology”. Our wastewater treatment solution is comprehensive, including Assessment, Controls and Safeguards for ongoing compliance.

  1. Assessment – T-Environmental will perform an inspection to determine the ideal wastewater treatment solution for your particular kind of waste.
  2. Control – T-Environmental will provide a detailed report that demonstrates which wastewater treatment solutions is best.
  3. Safeguard – After installing your wastewater treatment solution, T-Environmental will review the system to ensure it is working up to your standards and those of all applicable local, state and federal environmental regulations.

To learn more about our wastewater treatment technology, please visit our electrocoagulation page.

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