Nature’s Stormwater Solution is all around you

Nature’s Stormwater Solution is all around you

Rain is important. It keeps our landscape fresh, green and healthy. But in urban areas, where the green landscape has been replaced by concrete, pavement, and buildings, the rainwater has nowhere to go. The absorbing effect of the vegetation has disappeared and the rain turns into a problem, stormwater runoff, which causes considerable pollution and creates the need for a stormwater solution.

Gutters, storm sewers and other drains collect as much as they can, but much of the rain—along with the bacteria, heavy metals and pollutants it picks up on the street—inevitably ends up in nearby bodies of water. Heavy volumes of stormwater over extended periods of time can also cause infrastructural problems, as erosion damages habitats and property.

Stormwater runoff is a huge problem in metro areas across the country, and many municipalities are turning to nature for a solution. It’s called green infrastructure, and it uses vegetation, trees and soil to restore the environment’s natural ability to absorb and treat stormwater.

  • Trees

One large tree can take 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air in a single day. Imagine how much water a street full of trees can absorb and prevent from becoming stormwater runoff! Trees not only reduce runoff, they also transform pollutants (heavy metals, organic compounds, and even spilled fuel) and break them down into less harmful chemicals and burn them up as energy or store them in their roots, stems and leaves.

  • Green Streets

Green streets and alleys strategically integrate green infrastructure elements — planter boxes, green medians, and trees — into their design to store and treat stormwater, thereby reducing runoff.

  • Green Parking

Parking lots, huge paved areas, are one of the largest stormwater producers. Green parking lots can be constructed with permeable pavements that allow rainwater to penetrate and soak into the soil underneath or can be surrounded with green areas or planters that soak up rainwater. Green Roofs Green roofs, especially useful in densely populated urban areas, take pressure off gutter systems and reduce the amount of stormwater runoff. They are particularly cost-effective for large office buildings and industrial buildings where stormwater management costs are high.

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