Storm Water Environmental Pollution Extraction System

T-Environmental Engineers have developed the SWEPE system to help you comply with regulations as well as alleviate your concerns in regards to environmental damage and big fines. Unfortunately, what you may not know could result in penalties exceeding $37,000.00 per day, until compliance is achieved. We will investigate your specific site conditions and determine your compliance needs and recommend cost effective solutions to bring your site into compliance. We will also contract to monitor and manage your site, ensuring compliance as environmental regulations become increasingly complex and cumbersome. With the SWEPE system, we can help you determine your specific non-compliance problems.



T-Environmental’s SWEPE is a systematic program; this means limited to no down time for you or your operations. We have perfected and streamlined our process to alleviate the need for costly and time-consuming asphalt or concrete demolition when replacing and retrofitting your storm water system with water quality or oil water separators. We will also manage, maintain, clean, and change filters for your SWEPE System. All work is completed in accordance with the T-Environmental design criteria and standard system operating criteria, thus, eliminating additional construction costs and lost revenues caused by the implementation of other storm-water and water quality systems. T-Environmental is here to make sure that your needs and compliance concerns are met.


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