Storage & Tank

Storage & Tank

Storage Tank Removal and Cleaning
T-Environmental has extensive experience with the removal of above and below ground storage tanks varying in all sizes, shapes, materials and contents. We have been performing tank removals as part of our core business initiative since the 1930’s. All storage tank work is conducted in accordance with OSHA, NFPA, EPA, state and local regulations. Our OSHA-trained environmental construction crews are fully versed in confined space entry and hazardous materials handling. We pride ourselves on having the personnel, equipment and experience to cost effectively implement tank removals and tank cleanings in any situation.
  • Hazardous materials identification and screening
  • Air monitoring
  • Materials sampling and analysis
  • Materials manifesting
  • Closure reporting
  • Procedure documentation
  • Spill reporting and interfacing with regulatory authorities
We own and operate all equipment necessary to remove and clean almost any tank, including excavators, backhoes, and vac trucks. All storage tank removals are performed under the supervision of an environmental professional, whose responsibilities include:

Hazardous Waste and Regulated Materials Management Disposal

T-Environmental has established a network of licensed hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal facilities, recycling operations and transporters along the eastern seaboard. This network allows our company to find the most economical disposal facility for the contaminated materials. Due to the large quantities of these contaminated materials – soil in particular – we are able to pass along a substantial volume of discounts to our valued clients.

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