Remediation Services

Remediation Services

T-Environmental has designed hundreds of soil and groundwater remediation systems for all types of subsurface conditions and contamination. We have designed, assembled, constructed, operated and maintained ground water pump and treatment, air sparging, soil vapor extraction, soil venting, dual phase extraction and ozone injection remediation systems. When the conditions are appropriate we have also advocated “remediation by excavation” as well as “intrinsic bioremediation” and Monitoring. Supplementing these technologies has provided us the ability to effectively utilized air stripping, activated carbon treatment, catalytic oxidation and bioremediation to provide timely, efficient and legally compliant cleanup of soil and groundwater contaminants.

Our broad base of practical design and field experience enhances our ability to select, design, implement, and competitively price the appropriate remedial technology. Our Company fully integrates site assessment and field testing data into the remedial system design process to provide the most effective and economical remediation options to our clients. From bench scale treatability studies to remedial design and construction, T-Environmental focuses on client-defined objectives.

T-Environmental also maintains an educated, knowledgeable staff of Environmental construction crews, managers, and field technicians with years of remedial system experience. The construction crews specialize in installing the site-specific systems designed by T-Environmental and other reputable firms, while the field technicians specialize in remedial systems operations and maintenance. We strive to provide added value to our customers, with our experienced staff and wide variety of remedial Technologies.

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