T-Environmental’s Clear H2O Method is based on a water treatment technology known as electrocoagulation, which is sometimes referred to as EC. EC is the process of destabilizing suspended, emulsified, or dissolved contaminants from water by introducing an electrical current into an aqueous medium. The electrical current provides the electromotive force to drive the chemical reactions to cause the elements and/or compounds to approach a more stable state. Generally, this stable state is a solid that is either less colloidal, less emulsifiable, or less soluble than the element or compound at equilibrium values. As this occurs, the contaminants form hydrophobic entities, such as precipitates or phase separations, which can easily be removed by a number of secondary separation techniques.

The electrical current is introduced into the water via parallel electrodes constructed of various metals generally selected to optimize the removal process. The two most common electrode materials are iron (Fe) and aluminum (Al). In accordance with Faraday’s Law, metal ions will be split off or sacrificed into the liquid medium. This will form a nucleus, which will attract the contaminants into a precipitate that will be removed from the treated fluid. These metal ions tend to form metal oxide or hydroxide nuclei that are an electrocoagulation attractant to the contaminants, which have been destabilized. The quantity of electrical current required varies with the liquid to be treated. It is necessary to provide sufficient, but not excess, electrical current to remove the unwanted contaminants. Excess current only consumes excess electrical power and accelerates the process of module electrode consumption, resulting in increased treatment operating costs.

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Before T-Environmental can determine whether EC is the appropriate treatment option for a particular type of wastewater, it must undertake a thorough due diligence site assessment evaluation. Depending on the type of industry, T-Environmental will undertake a complete fact-finding investigation and will consider such things as water samples, quantity of gallons per hour, components needed or required, electricity source, etc. We can also conduct a complete physical inspection of the site to determine whether a custom treatment device is required to be installed or whether a mobile unit is sufficient. Quite often, we find our systems can be easily configured to integrate with most sites.



After we have completed our assessment, we will then present you with a comprehensive report, which contains our findings and list of options regarding which of T-Environmental’s technology solutions can be offered in your particular water treatment situation.



We can analyze and address whatever the water treatment need is by executing any long-term solution for a clear waste stream by designing a water treatment strategy suited to your needs. T-Environmental will continue to monitor the process to assure the treatment solution is working consistently and to your satisfaction.

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