What to Look for When Purchasing an Emergency Standby Generator

emergency standby generator
What to Look for When Purchasing an Emergency Standby Generator

When your business is reliant on steady access to power, an emergency can bring operations to a halt. Having access to emergency power supplies throughout the year can protect your company and ensure your customers have access to your services. It’s the reason so many business owners are now considering buying an emergency standby generator.

Let’s explore what to look for when buying an emergency standby generator for your organization.

Consider the Fuel Type

One of the leading considerations when evaluating emergency standby generators is the fuel your generator will use. The most common options are diesel, propane, and gas, and each of these fuels offers a unique value to your organization.

One element to consider is fuel stability, and gas has a poor level of stability compared to propane and diesel, which means that gas is often a poor choice for powering your generator.

Another consideration will be the local code requirements in your area. Make sure that propane and gas can be used within your city limits according to local regulations.

What Are Your Full Power Needs?

When evaluating your emergency standby generator options, take into consideration your full range of power demands. Will the generator be used to power the entire property when the power goes out during an emergency, or will it simply be used for additional emergency power?

If you’re simply sizing the generator for an emergency, you will only need to consider the level of demand required during blackout events and other emergency scenarios. However, you may come to depend on the generator for additional power within your business, and so it’s important to take into consideration the role of your generator in your full power load.

Consider Your Installation Company

Which company will be completing the installation of your emergency standby generator? It’s critical that you have a licensed electrician take over this process and plan each element of the installation for you. Review the local marketplace and find a generator services expert with a strong reputation. If you know other business owners, make sure that you ask for their referrals and review any additional information they can provide.

Ask About Remote Monitoring

When reviewing your generator options, make sure that you ask the company about remote monitoring services. You’re not always going to be available to watch over the area and make sure the generator is running effectively. So, remote monitoring will allow you to see whether the system is working to the required performance levels. It will also help to ensure that an emergency is not currently in progress. The remote monitoring service will allow you to see power levels and gain greater control over the unit while away from your business.

Our trusted and experienced team at T-Environmental is committed to helping you pinpoint and install quality generators for your business. We have decades of experience in the generator installation and maintenance field and have a comprehensive understanding of the technology. To discuss your options with an expert, call us today.

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