A Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Gas Station Owners

hurricane preparedness checklist
A Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Gas Station Owners

Tomorrow marks the beginning of hurricane season, and your gas station team should be prepared for possible dangerous weather in the coming months. Making proactive plans now can keep your staff and your customers safe throughout the season. Here’s our hurricane preparedness checklist for gas station owners like you.

Before the Season Starts

Collect Staff Information Make sure you have all the contact information for your staff, including emergency contacts and family contacts.

Create a Hurricane Toolbox

Your hurricane preparedness toolbox should include the following:

  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Duct tape
  • Tarpaulin and heavy-duty plastic bags
  • Plastic wire or zip ties
  • Rope for securing inside electronics
  • Caution tape
  • Plastic wrap for dispensers
  • Barricades for traffic control

Hone Working Processes

Make sure the staff has a way to confirm their availability after a storm has hit the region. Set out a clear process for staff to contact you in an emergency.

Collect Important Business Information

Make sure you have all the information for your maintenance staff and for emergency personnel in your area. They can be important in protecting your company during a hurricane event.

Contact Potential Security Firms

Make sure you contact security firms to assist during and after a hurricane event.

Discuss Emergency Preparedness for the Home with Employees

Ensure employees are fully protected by discussing how they can protect their homes before, during, and after a hurricane.

In the Days Before an Impact

When you’re informed that a hurricane is due to hit your area, make sure you take the following actions:

Plan for Higher Than Normal Sales

You’re more likely to get higher sales numbers during the days before a storm as locals buy emergency supplies. Ensure you can meet this rising demand.

Plan to Organize Traffic Around the Gas Station

Make sure you organize your gas station to minimize traffic issues in the area. Set out a clear passage for vehicle and pedestrian travel.

Verify Staff Contact Details

Have your staff confirm their contact details.

Give Staff an Emergency Toolkit List

Make sure staff keep the following items in their vehicles during the coming days:

  • Hard hat Steel-toe safety shoes
  • Gloves Flashlight
  • Extra batteries for the flashlight
  • Safety glasses and safety vest
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • Camera
  • Power inverter to charge phones and laptops
  • Cell phones (two phones—one from a back-up provider)
  • Copy of contact numbers and other pertinent hurricane procedures
  • Cash
  • Case of water
  • Energy bars

On the Day of the Event

Take the following actions on the day of the hurricane:

Outside the Station

  • Remove loose items from the pump area
  • Cover and secure garbage
  • Confirm your electrical generator is filled with fuel
  • Have your generator tested
  • Ensure all gas tanks and dispensers are secured
  • Ensure ID signs and store signs are secured

Inside the Gas Station

  • Ensure all electronic files are backed up
  • Ensure all hard copy files are protected from water damage
  • Cover all critical office equipment
  • Secure heavy equipment, which may become a projectile
  • Ensure all cash and checks are deposited

Before You Leave

  • Turn off all breakers for dispensers and submerged turbines
  • Secure critical high-value products
  • Close and lock all doors and windows

Need a Backup Power Generator?

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