Going Green Early is Key to Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance

Going Green Early is Key to Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance

Most manufacturing companies today understand that environmental compliance and sustainability are vital keys to success. You must understand the various levels of due diligence necessary to stay compliant. You have to understand what the current environmental mandates and regulations are, as they are subject to frequent change. There is a greater focus on energy use and carbon footprint than ever before.

To stay current, many companies are building Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) foundations that build into the process innovative green alternatives as they arise and allow organizations to more efficiency phase-out unsustainable components and materials.

Why Going Green Early Makes Sense

The pressure is on manufacturing companies to stay ahead of the curve, and the pressure isn’t only coming from the Environmental Protection Agency. Customers themselves are developing their own environmental requirements, which adds more and more complexity into the mix for manufacturing companies. Which is why we come back to developing a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) that allows you to be lean and efficient with changes.

To avoid the perils of noncompliance — costly redesigns, public relations nightmares, blocked shipments, delays, and scrapped products — companies must accurately identify, track and control all high-risk substances, both in their own products and in their supply chain.

The easiest way to do this is by “going green” early. By building mechanisms for environmental compliance into the earliest phases of product development, companies can save huge amounts of money and bring their products to market faster than the competition.

T-Environmental can Help

T-Environmental offers cost-effective environmental compliance that involves everything from initial analysis, auditing, contracting, system designs and remediation to employee training and ongoing compliance management and support.

To receive a Compliance E-Brochure direct from T-Environmental, scroll to the bottom of this page, fill out the form, and type “Compliance” in the message section.

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