Yes, it’s Possible: Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance

Yes, it’s Possible: Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance

“Cost-effective environmental compliance” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s exactly what we do here at T-Environmental. As a follow up to our blog “Mastering EPA Compliance with a Compliance-Oriented Attitude”, we today present you with several strategies your business can use to reduce compliance costs without increasing your liability.

Participate in the Political Process

Businesses should have the same vested interest in effective environmental regulations as concerned residents. State and federal environmental regulatory bodies allow the public to be heard through town hall meetings, comment periods, and public hearings. Businesses, especially those in highly regulated industries, should make their voices heard. This is, after all, the heart of democracy. Business participation in the political process also improves the effectiveness of enforcement agencies and tends to minimize the impact of their investigations and business disruptions.

Embrace Self-Monitoring and Self-Reporting

Permit applicants must monitor and report their own pollution. This system of self-monitoring and self-reporting hasn’t become the standard simply because environmental enforcement agencies don’t have the staff or resources to do it themselves. It works better for the regulated and the regulators.

Effective self-monitoring and self-reporting have been shown to create cultures of compliance within regulated entities, reduce their compliance costs, and even reduce the burden on the enforcement agencies so they can conduct better, more targeted and less disruptive fact-finding investigations. With adequate self-monitoring measures, regulated businesses face less disruption caused by environmental investigations and can more easily modify their operations to come into compliance.

Better to get into compliance on your own terms than on the EPA’s terms. T-Environmental helps companies in numerous industries do just that.

Take Advantage of Incentive and Outreach Compliance Programs

The adversarial relationship between some regulated businesses and environmental regulators has many deleterious effects. While dramatic enforcement actions, catastrophic fines, and penalties serve as effective deterrents, so does effective education. Enforcement agencies offer numerous outreach programs designed to help specific industries and businesses understand exactly what is expected of them and then show them exactly how they can comply with the law. Businesses, especially small and medium sized enterprises who have struggled with repeat violations, should take advantage of incentive programs and outreach compliance programs.

Outsource Cost-Effective Environmental Compliance with T-Environmental

T-Environmental offers cost-effective environmental compliance that involves everything from initial analysis, auditing, contracting, system designs and remediation to employee training and ongoing compliance management and support.

To receive a Compliance E-Brochure direct from T-Environmental, scroll to the bottom of this page, fill out the form, and type “Compliance” in the message section.

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