Why an Environmental Audit is like your Annual Check-Up

Why an Environmental Audit is like your Annual Check-Up


If environmental liabilities were diseases, environmental compliance companies like T-Environmental would be the doctors. That makes your business the body. The only way to keep your body healthy is by seeing a qualified and experienced doctor for a checkup.

So, it follows, the only way to protect your business from the big dangers and mitigate the damage of intermediate risks is by having an environmental audit performed by a qualified company like T-Environmental.

Besides helping your company avoid fines and reduce liability, an environmental audit can also help you qualify for a major reduction in any eventual EPA fines.

Penalties can be greatly reduced in cases when the violation is discovered internally through a compliance management program or an internal environmental audit rather than by a third party via regulations or permit conditions.

Cost-Effective and Comprehensive Environmental Audits

Whether your concern in preventing fuel spills or ensuring that your employees are property trained and protected, T-Environmental can help. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page, Request a Quote or Contact Us today to get started!

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