How Much Does a Commercial Standby Generator Cost?

commercial standby generator
How Much Does a Commercial Standby Generator Cost?

The cost to buy a commercial standby generator is only one element of the pricing for the unit. Beyond the purchase costs, you should also consider the cost to run the standby generator for your business. Our trusted team has many years of experience helping clients choose standby generators, and we’ll highlight the total cost of commercial standby generators.

Fuel is a Key Consideration

When reviewing the total cost to run a commercial standby generator, the fuel that the generator uses is the most important element to consider. For example, if you’re running a gas generator, the cost of operating the generator depends on the price of gas at that time. The typical gas generator will consume about 0.75 gallons of gas per hour. With the current price of a gallon of gas at an average of $2.50 across the United States, if you’re running the generator over an entire 24-hour period, you will pay about $45 per day to run your generator.

Diesel Costs a Little More to Run

The cost to run your diesel generator will be a little more than your average gas-operated system, both because of the higher price of diesel and the increased amount of fuel required for use. Diesel currently costs close to $3 per gallon on average across the United States. With the average diesel generator consuming about 1.6 gallons of fuel per hour, you will pay more than $120 per day to run your diesel generator.

Consider the Purchase Costs

When evaluating your purchase options, you should take into consideration the wattage levels provided. For example, a portable standby generator with 3,250 watts of power might be suitable for limited commercial use, but you’ll require a more substantial unit for long-term and optimal performance within your business.

Generally, units are priced by the number of kilowatts of energy they provide. And so, you should first determine the kilowatts required within your business before moving forward with a purchase. To give you an idea of the potential total purchase cost, most small to medium-sized businesses require commercial generators that provide 2 kW to 20 kW. Larger industrial companies will require units that provide as much as 250 kW.

The approximate market price for the purchase of any unit is $300 to $500 per kilowatt.

Review the Installation Costs

Finally, the costs to install the unit should be taken into consideration when reviewing your commercial standby generator requirements. The team installing the system should have comprehensive experience within the process and should be able to provide you with a clear quote for their installation work. When selecting a generator, ensure the installation team has worked with the generator before and understands how to quickly and effectively integrate the equipment within your business.

Our team at T-Environmental has many years of experience in the generator marketplace. We work with business owners throughout many industries to help them select the right units for their facilities.

To discover more about our company and our services, call us today.

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