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Investigate. Design. Construct. Protect.

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From reimbursement specialists to leading industry engineers, we have built a trusted team of experts.

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97% success rate on reimbursement & insurance claim returns for clients. Now that is success!

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We work to minimize the financial exposure of our customers and assist in liability management.

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Our geographic footprint empowers clients from Maine to Virginia with unmatched industry expertise.

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A Guide to the Types of Emergency Standby Generators

When your business depends on access to power, weather-related emergencies can create a significant challenge. Take a proactive stance by reviewing the types of emergency standby generators across the marketplace. ...

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How Much Does a Commercial Standby Generator Cost?

The cost to buy a commercial standby generator is only one element of the pricing for the unit. Beyond the purchase costs, you should also consider the cost to run ...

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The Business Benefits of an Emergency Power Generator

An emergency power generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The flow of electrical charge through the generator is the source of the electrical current supplied. ...

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  • In situations akin to the PG&E fiasco, it is absolutely necessary to have a backup plan (and a generator): ,

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